domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

Forum Theatre in Spain

Another forum theatre session 

We enjoyed a new Erasmus + Club session. Again, we can say that the students participated eagerly and, I am sure, they had a very good time. After summarizing what we had done in the previous session, we started a new one. We got together following the Kalabanda call and all the students thought about their aims as members of the Erasmus + Club.

Then, they situated themselves on the imaginary continuum from 1 to 100, according to their experience as actors, audience etc.

They also practised the activity "if you are...., I am..."...

And shared their energy with the circle of blows.

They showed some still images...

And, finally, before getting together by making the sun, the students closed their eyes and walked the circle, trying to remember their shapes to identify each other later.

The session finished and we are eager to start the next one.

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