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Základní škola Stříbrnická is proud to highlight it’s participation in the international Erasmus+ initiative, “Stand Up For Your Rights!”

What is the “Stand Up For Your Rights!” Program?

It’s a project coordinated among 5 partner schools in Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain, centered around online interaction and mobilities between the schools to promote a better understanding of human rights and how to ensure them.

What are the project’s aims?

The “Stand Up For Your Rights!” project aims to educate children about the history of human rights in their country, their continent, and the world at large. Using forum theater techniques, students will learn how to identify and combat injustices that they experience in their everyday life. Participants will gain a better understanding of the European Convention of Human Rights and how to bring about change in their community, as well as communities across

Who is involved?
Just about everyone! Each school has a minimum of 16 student participants from a variety of backgrounds. ZŠ Stříbrnicka has 21 students attending the after-school club, but the projects they are working on are a collaborative effort by the entire 7th year, teachers of English, History, Civics and Art, and of course the parents who will be invited to participate in our Forum theater production and the hosting of international students.

What is Forum Theater?

Forum Theater, an essential part of what is sometimes called, ‘The Theater of the Oppressed,” utilizes drama and improvisation to help groups understand and confront sources of conflict in a safe
environment. It calls upon audience members to intervene and resolve pre-constructed situations in
which injustice occurs. The drama aspect allows both the audience and performers to explore and discuss conflict in a non-accusatory way and the improvisation demands a creative and adaptive approach to problem solving. 

What have you done so far?

The 2-year project began in September of 2015, and boy have we been busy! Already students have begun to make friends and coordinate online with students from our partner schools. In November, the Erasmus+ team took a trip to Finland to learn about Forum Theater and it’s methodology first hand in a very demanding drama workshop. Back here in the Czech Republic we have started bi-weekly meetings with our afterschool club to talk about the history of human and children’s rights, develop drama skills, and discuss the importance of the European Convention of Human Rights. As an in-class project, 7.A learned about our partner schools and cities and produced an eye-popping and informative display about them!

What’s next?

We will continue to work towards creating a forum
theater production that addresses gender equality for our performance in Spring 2017. But in the
meantime we will continue learning about human rights, discussing and using theater to explore the injustices we experience in our daily lives and the long, hard struggle humanity has had in assuring human rights in the past. We’re currently looking forward to a trip to visit our partner school and participate in their forum theater production in April!
Liz A. Congleton
ZŠ Stříbrnická

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