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The meeting in Poland

From Monday 9th to Friday 13th May our Polish group hosted delegations from France, Spain, Czech Republic and Finland. We were doing many interesting activities during that week. Below you can find short descriptions of each day prepared by our pupils.

On Monday (9th May 2016) we were waiting for our guests from Spain, Czech Republic, Finland and France. We prepared for them presentations about our town - Kłodzko and Polish legends in an original and in a funny way. For us it was a really nice day. After the presentations we went to the stronghold of Kłodzko. There we had integration activities, eg. In the underground of the fortress, a bonfire and many, many more. Later we had sausages made on the bonfire. It was really great first day with our friends from abroad.

Tuesday was one of the most interesting days. In the morning we went by bus to Lądek Zdrój because of our trip on the Borówkowa Mountain. The atmosphere inside the bus was very good. We were singing songs all the time and just talking. On the Borówkowa Mountain we could learn about Polish and Czech cooperation during the time of communism. On the top of the Borówkowa Mountain we were looking at the beautiful view of the Gold Mountains from the observation tower. On the way back we were singing again (I must say we were a very musical group :) ).
The best part of this day was the school disco. Although everyone was tired after the trip, we couldn’t wait for the party. At the beginning only a small group was dancing. We were quite shy. But after some time in the school gym there was no place to dance! Students from abroad learnt about Polish traditional dances for example „polonez”. One of the Polish students (Ada) prepared zumba choreography and the Finish and French showed us their owns. This party was a very good occasion to integrate with our guests and to make friends. Even when you didn’t understand somebody’s English, you could communicate with him/her by words in the songs. Very popular Polish saying goes: „all Poles are one family". I can say: all the people from Erasmus+ are one family. It wasn’t important what nationality you were. The most important thing is that the walls between us fell down.

 On Wednesday, the 11th of May, we went to KCKSiR (the centre of culture in Kłodzko) . Teachers prepared a drama workshops with a lot of activities for us and it made very good relations between whole group. I think, it was our goal on this day. 
We had a lot of fun with it and everybody was pleased. Later, without teachers, we went to Polanica-Zdrój, the small town near Kłodzko. We showed our guests this place and after that, we ate tasty waffles and pizza. It was really good day for all of us.

On Thursday we spend great time in the Table Mountains -Szczeliniec and Błędne Skały. I think that the trip was very good for our health! Everybody remember this feeling when we went to the top, the best feeling! You can be proud of yourself! I hope that you had so much fun and have got good memories from these day!

On Friday we went to Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, the region of Poland we live in. The main goal was to watch the  spectacle “The Little Prince” presented by the Arka Theatre – the only integration theatre in Poland. It was very touching but also very constructive to see disabled actors playing that well. After the show we went to visit the city. We had great time together.

We believe the meeting will stay in our memory for a long time. We hope in the future we will be able to make it once again and meet our Erasmus+ family.

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